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Cancer Biologist, Journalist, and Science Writer

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Søren Hough

Cancer Biologist. Science Writer. Freelance journalist/editor. Founder/Editor-in-Chief at Movie Fail. Published at


Interview with Nora Twomey, Director of The Breadwinner

Cartoon Saloon has knocked it out of the park ever since they hit the scene in 2009 with The Secret of Kells. Their feature-length movies have consistently garnered praise from critics. Nora Twomey, who co-directed Kells, is back as a solo director on the studio’s third film: The Breadwinner. The Breadwinner is an adaptation of Deborah Ellis’s book of the same name.
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Tomm Moore, Writer/Director of Song of the Sea and The Secret of Kells

There is a certain magic to animation that allows filmmakers to bring our imagination to life. Even live action films depend on these techniques through CGI and other means to help us visualize fantastical versions of our own reality. This outlook drives Tomm Moore, one of the filmmakers behind The Secret of Kells (2009) and Song of the Sea (2014).
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The Magic of MAGI: Douglas Trumbull’s Quest to Explore a “New Planet of Cinematic Potential”

It began with something Stanley Kubrick once said. With "2001: A Space Odyssey," he felt he owed the audience an experience. He wanted to use Cinerama to show people what it was like to fly through space. This was ambitious for 1968, but it worked. The film has certainly stood the test of time, due in no small part to special effects provided by Douglas Trumbull, Wally Veevers, Con Pederson and Tom Howard. Link to Story

Charles Agbaje, Co-Creator of Spider Stories

There is limitless potential in fantasy. It exists in the realm of the imagination where constraints mean nothing. Sometimes it offers commentary on real world phenomena, while other times it simply explores ideas too outlandish for the confines of grounded drama. Yet despite this freedom, modern fantasy storytelling has barely scratched the surface of what’s possible.
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Interview with Stephen Stanton

Stephen Stanton has lent his talents to numerous animated television shows, games, and movies, including Life Itself.
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The BAPartists, Creators of The Taking

I sat down with writer/directors Cezil Reed and Lydelle Jackson to discuss their film, The Taking.
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Video game stars to release Punisher passion project

“He is constant like the Northern Star. He is like the Grim Reaper. He is the angel of death.”
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Tom Ciaburri, Director of Ironing Board Sam’s Tenth

It’s probably safe to assume that you haven’t heard of Ironing Board Sam.
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Peter Dukes, Writer/Director of Little Reaper and The Beast

“When I get inspired to do something, it’s kind of like a rocket taking off,” says Peter Dukes, laughing. “You’re not going to stop it.”. Armed with a passion for originality and an enterprising spi...
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5 College Professor Co-Creates Award-Winning Animated Short “Caldera”

The flowing figure of an enigmatic young woman floats down through sapphire blue water pierced by rays of faint sunlight. The young woman’s black hair streams behind her as she leans forward to touch the looming form of a giant, peaceful turtle. A quietly haunting tune compliments the scene as it accentuates the flood of emotional imagery.
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Søren Hough

I currently work as the head science writer at Desktop Genetics where I cover advances and applications of CRISPR technology (

I am also a freelance entertainment journalist. My work has been featured on key industry-centric websites including ( and (

I brought my experience as an editor and writer to The Massachusetts Daily Collegian ( one year later as I began working for the paper as a film and science correspondent. In the spring of 2013, I was hired as the editor of the film section of the paper for the fall of 2013.

I also started Movie Fail ( in January 2012, a site dedicated to multimedia reviews, op-eds, academic essays, and news articles about movies and the film industry.

In December 2013, I graduated from the Interdepartmental Program in Film Studies and Microbiology program at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

The cover photo is a screen shot from Tete's short film, raintown.



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