Søren Hough

Cancer Biologist, Journalist, and Science Writer

London, UK

Søren Hough

Cancer Biologist. Science Writer. Freelance journalist/editor. Founder/Editor-in-Chief at Movie Fail. Published at


How Disney's "Mulan" Brazenly Challenges Gender and Sexuality

Mulan sets a framework for strong female characters whose agency is never questioned and who prove themselves through femininity, masculinity and ingenuity. My full essay was published on Link to Story

On Seeing "Life Itself" at a Special Advance Screening

Red carpet, press wall, hors d'oeuvres. This was it, my first real film event. Link to Story

Why CGI In Guardians of the Galaxy Works

What’s interesting about Guardians is that it is no different in this regard. CGI still retains that uncanny valley look. Yet, the effects in the film still have an undeniable fidelity to them. CGI hasn’t become photorealistic to the point where we can implicitly accept a computer generated character. And since Guardians mostly uses the same tech that movies like The Avengers or Winter Soldier did, what makes this film stand out? It comes down to filmmaking. James Gunn made deliberate choices in how he introduced his world and his characters in Guardians. He uses clever filmmaking to erase the distinction between CGI and reality. While it seems like a simple answer, these choices lead to a more cohesive and ultimately more believable story.
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The Golden Age of Arthur Comes to an End

And I say, "Hey, it’s not a wonderful kind of day."
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The Wolf in Context

Scorsese’s latest will find the recognition it deserves because in the end, empathy always wins. Link to Story

High Frame Rate and Why The Hobbit Films Matter

Peter Jackson had promised value in the high frame rate format, and I was convinced. Link to Story

Roger Ebert Changed My Life With Butter and Salt

I was in the midst of learning to run an Enzyme-linked immuno sorbent assay (ELISA) when I heard the news about Roger Ebert's passing. And if I am being completely honest, it shattered me. The nati...
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The Best Cinematic Experiences of 2013

Roman Polanski once said, “I’d rather watch a film in a movie theatre. I have all the kit you need at home, but it’s not the same.” A few months ago, I had the privilege of seeing The Matrix (1999) on the big screen. I missed its theatrical debut fourteen years ago, but my local cinema occasionally plays older movies in special screening events. Link to Story


Søren Hough

I currently work as the head science writer at Desktop Genetics where I cover advances and applications of CRISPR technology (

I am also a freelance entertainment journalist. My work has been featured on key industry-centric websites including ( and (

I brought my experience as an editor and writer to The Massachusetts Daily Collegian ( one year later as I began working for the paper as a film and science correspondent. In the spring of 2013, I was hired as the editor of the film section of the paper for the fall of 2013.

I also started Movie Fail ( in January 2012, a site dedicated to multimedia reviews, op-eds, academic essays, and news articles about movies and the film industry.

In December 2013, I graduated from the Interdepartmental Program in Film Studies and Microbiology program at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

The cover photo is a screen shot from Tete's short film, raintown.



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