Søren Hough

Cancer Biologist, Journalist, and Science Writer

London, UK

Søren Hough

Cancer Biologist. Science Writer. Freelance journalist/editor. Founder/Editor-in-Chief at Movie Fail. Published at


Hoopleheads: A Deadwood Podcast

Josh and Søren discuss each episode of Deadwood on a weekly basis. Søren has seen the show before and is a big fan. Meanwhile, this is Josh's first time in the frontier town.
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Stark Contrast: A Game of Thrones Podcast

Our ongoing podcast series at Movie Fail covering Game of Thrones on an episode-by-episode basis. As a bacckdrop to our conversations, Josh has read George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series while Søren has not.
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Ember Island Airwaves: A Legend of Korra Podcast

A podcast series covering The Legend of Korra, the sequel series to Avatar: The Last Airbender. Josh and Søren break down the technical and narrative aspects of each episode.
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On the War Between Movies and TV for the Soul of Horror

Few things have aided the rise of horror on television more than the decline of horror at the movies. There is a rich history of great horror at the movies. Consider the early Universal monster flicks of the 30s and Alfred Hitchcock ’s legendary, contemplative re-imagining of the thriller sub-genre. Link to Story

The Golden Age of Arthur Comes to an End

And I say, "Hey, it’s not a wonderful kind of day."
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Søren Hough

I currently work as the head science writer at Desktop Genetics where I cover advances and applications of CRISPR technology (

I am also a freelance entertainment journalist. My work has been featured on key industry-centric websites including ( and (

I brought my experience as an editor and writer to The Massachusetts Daily Collegian ( one year later as I began working for the paper as a film and science correspondent. In the spring of 2013, I was hired as the editor of the film section of the paper for the fall of 2013.

I also started Movie Fail ( in January 2012, a site dedicated to multimedia reviews, op-eds, academic essays, and news articles about movies and the film industry.

In December 2013, I graduated from the Interdepartmental Program in Film Studies and Microbiology program at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

The cover photo is a screen shot from Tete's short film, raintown.



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